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Javi Aránega

Creative Technology

With my expertise I've been collaborating with big companies and known media. I've presented my projects at music tech festivals and events. I love to contribute to advertising and creative industries and I enjoy creating unusual forms of interaction. But one of the things I love most is enhancing the user experience with the latest technologies.

After being part of the L.A. based 3-month creative residency 72U in 2016 and my collaboration with B-Reel Berlin I'm based in Madrid as BBVA Creative Technologist.

Check out some of my favourite projects

JS / HTML5 / CSS / LESS / Angular / NodeJS / OpenGL / C++ / OpenframeWorks / User Experience Design / Human Computer Interaction / Interface Design / Java / C# / Processing / Python / Raspberry Pi / Arduino / Unity3D / Max/MSP / Pure Data